Animal Party final plans

I'll be posting a more polished version of the final plans for the Bronx Zoo Animal Party meetup on EGL tonight, but in case any of you don't have EGL on their fl, here's the jist of it:

We will be meeting at the Asia Gate at 1PM on Saturday May 21st. It's very easily accessible by subway if you take the 2 or 5 to East Tremont Ave, and then walk 3 blocks north. Here's a PDF map of the Bronx Zoo:

Note that the map is turned on its side so North points to the right :) I'll be there a little before 1pm. We'll wait a bit after 1 for any latecomers, but not for long. I implore anyone coming to try and be there at or a little before 1pm if possible because once we're in the zoo, it may be difficult for stragglers to find the group. I will provide my cell # in PM's if neccessary.

I will post the guest list on the EGL post, and link it back here too :) I will also post pics of the prizes here on my journal, so you guys can get a sneak peek ;)

EDIT: link to EGL post. Please read it!

I like tumblr!

So, surprisingly... I like Tumblr! It's pretty easy to post on it cause it's really quick!

Anybody else have one they'd care to share? I want to follow more cool tumblrs!

Man I haven't posted here in a while. In lolita news, I've started putting together an outfit for future use(probably at Otakon) that is maid themed. Ok now you know my shameful secret: I really love maid style lolita outfits!!! ^^; I can't help it!! I think aprons with lolita are the sweetest thing ever!! Man what I wouldn't do for one of Milky Ange's maid ensembles...! *droooool*

One more thing: Does anybody want to order from Meta with me? I'll probably have to wait until May 6th to order, but I just want a couple pairs of socks. Anybody else want to get in on an order? :)